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A Ceramic Cup is Better in Every Way

A Ceramic Cup is Better in Every Way

Takeaway coffee culture has exploded in recent years and once covid hit our shores here in Australia, the takeaway coffee cup was back on the rise. With this increase in use of single use materials there is a huge impact on the environment in the form of disposable coffee cups. It's estimated that 500 billion disposable coffee cups are used and discarded each year, with many of them not being recyclable! That's a lot of paper and plastic ending up in landfills, and if we all make small changes in our habits we can help reduce this significantly.

So, are reusable ceramic coffee cups the solution, to this specific problem? Well, they'll definitely play a big part! And in our opinion - the ceramic cup is just so much lovelier than its disposable counterpart.. but if we do need to convince you then read on. 

1. They're Cheaper in the Long Run
Sure, reusable ceramic coffee cups may cost a few dollars more upfront than a disposable cup, but many cafes offer discounts for customers who bring their own cup. So find the cafe that has the same values as you and not only will you be saving money,but you'll reduce the cost on the environment too!  

2. They Keep Your Coffee Hotter
Cold coffee? It's the worst. With a ceramic coffee cup, you can say goodbye to lukewarm coffee. Thanks to ceramic's insulating properties, your coffee will stay nice and hot for longer.  Disposable cups just don't compare!  

3. They Look and Feel Good.  Let's face it, ceramic coffee cups just look good. They are pretty and they are nice to hold.  And if you don't believe us, take one to your local coffee shop and watch the barista ooh and ahh over it. 

So really, The bottom line is that ceramic coffee cups are better in every way—they're better for your wallet, better for the environment, and they are beautiful! So next time you're reaching for a disposable cup, think again and opt for a ceramic coffee cup instead. Your wallet—and the planet—will thank you.