About Us

Founded in 2018 when Carlie, her husband and three young kids escaped the Geelong winter to celebrate her 40th birthday in the warmth of Vietnam. What was meant to be a big bucket list trip to Sri Lanka, was switched at the last minute to Vietnam - a decision that you might say was a sliding-doors moment for Carlie and her family 


Although there were no plans to embark on a new business, a niggle of an idea blossomed as Carlie spent time in the colourful and eclectic streets of Hoi An. A place that is truly unique, beautiful and inspiring but also the home to some of the best tailors and makers in the world. 

During the days spent under the hot Vietnamese sun exploring ruins, food markets and local beaches with the family... the niggle grew... until she found herself poolside brainstorming business names with her husband for hours on end and hitting the streets looking for the right maker and fabric suppliers when the kids napped.  

And that's when Jade and May truly began.   


With the intention of selling a few beautiful pieces created with the gorgeous seamstress Carlie found in Hoi An somehow it very quickly, and without much thought at all, it snowballed into what Jade and May is today.  From selling a handful of linen bathrobes in a stand at the local Makers Christmas Market in 2018 to an online store.. to very quickly renovating and opening the very first Jade and May concept store in the Arts Precinct on Rutland St, Newtown for Christmas 2019.


All within the space of a year, and what a year it was!   

In the years to follow, despite Covid lockdowns, floods and looming recessions, Jade and May has grown.  Grown in floor space by converting and renovating a second, larger area, grown in people - including staff,  customers and makers, grown in ranges produced, in beautiful brands stocked and even grown in confidence. 

Team Jade and May is made up of some pretty special people who love what they do.  And we think it's that reason alone that makes you love Jade and May, too! 

Thanks for supporting us, our makers and our creators, and allowing us to work in our dream jobs.  Pop in an say hi next time you are in Geelong - we love it when you come to visit