Japanese Incense - Nippon Kodo Incense Range

      Nippon Kodo’s incense are created with a soft and unique range of fragrances.  Fragrances created from tying 400 year old (& closely guarded skills!) with skills from modern perfumers - and we think it's a beautiful finish.  The Nippon Kodo incense range has a quality and clean burn - one that we here at Jade and May, are happy to burn with our young family in the room.  

      Nippon Kodo inherited their skills through writings on the mixture of aromatic woods by Takai Juemon, an incense preparer who supplied the Emperor of Japan in Japan’s Tensho era (late 16th century).

      Nippon Kodo perfumers are amongst some of Japan’s best noses in the world and the talented team continue to create and evolve bringing together an exquisite range of Incense that you will love to fill your home with. 

      We at Jade and May love (good quality & nastie free!) incense and you can read more about why we love it here