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Surfcoast Times - Christmas Gift Guide 01/12/23

Gift Guide For Her in the Surf Coast Times Official Gift Guide - featuring our linen bundles and linen loungewear set


Peppermint Magazine - Marketplace Spread 23/22/23

Purple Classic Linen Pyjama Set - Featured in The Marketplace Spread in Issue 60 with the Luke John Matthews cover


Peppermint Magazine - Home & Lifestyle 15/08/23

Cold Feet? Here Are 10 Cosy Touches to Warm Your Winter Home

When it comes to keeping warm as the winter winds blow, do as nature intended: skip the electric heater and make your home into your own cosy nest. Think softness when it comes to textures, materials and even the impact on the planet and you’ll be snuggly in no time. Here’s a roundup of a few of our favourite cosy and sustainable pieces to add to your winter cave. 


In a range of jewel box colours like Emerald, Mustard and Fuscia, these textured cord cushions from Geelong’s Jade and May pack a serious design punch. Hand-dyed and made in Bali, they’re just the thing you’ll need to help you build a luxurious bed fort.

See the full article here

Peppermint Magazine - Issue 58 Winter 2023

 Feature in 'Good Stuff Guide' : Jade and May Cord Cushion Collection

Cord Cushion Collection at Jade and May  Jade and May feature in Peppermint Magazine 

Featured in the 'Marketplace' Guide:  Jade and May Pink Linen Pyjama Set 

Pink Linen Pyjama Set at Jade and May Featured in Peppermint Magazine    Peppermint Magazine Winter Issue 2023

04 May 2023; Archello - Garden House, Point Londsale 

Styling Products by Jade and May 

Jade and May teamed up with Passionfolk Marketing Agency to help add some softness for a photo shoot of the most incredible new home 'The Garden House' completed by Lifespaces Group and Auhaus in Point Lonsdale, an alluring coastal town located on the Bellarine Peninsula.  The Garden House was recently featured in Archello.  Read the full article here and see how to easily add some colour and warmth to your home with a few homewares by Jade and May 

      Jade and May Homewares     Jade and May Homewares and Bathrooms

26 April 2023; Forte Magazine Geelong (Print & Web)

Pinch me! Jade and May was featured in Forte

It might betray my age here, but I've been flicking through the pages of Forte since their inception back in the early 90's.. my friends and I would pick up a copy where we could and pour over it at school - wishing we were old enough to go to the gigs written about on the pages but instead having to settle with the dance floor at the Blue Light Disco at the renowned 'Lyric Nightclub' in Geelong instead.

And now... Jade and May is right there, nestled amongst all the cool places, spaces and people that regional Victoria attract and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

It's a beautiful article by the lovely Talia at Forte - here's a snippet below but for the full article click through here

Forte Feature of Jade and May Pyjamas and Giftstore  Jade and May Feature in Forte Magazine Jade and May feature in Forte Jade and May feature in Forte

Peppermint Magazine - 23 Feb 2023

Peppermint Magazine Autumn Issue #57

Jade and May Sage Green Linen Kimono Featured in the 'Good Stuff Guide' 


Surfcoast Times Official - 1 Dec 2022

December 'On Trend Christmas Gift Guide For Her' 

 Surfcoast Times Official Christmas Gift Guide For HerSurfcoast Times Office Christmas Gift Guide For Her


Issue 56 - Welcome to the world

Feature in 'The FInders Keepers Marketplace'


GT MAGAZINE - 3 Dec 2022

Kids Christmas Gift Guide - Bruno The Lion.  



Friday Fast Five... Incense Holders

We are chuffed that one of our very favourite self proclaimed 'Small Biz Cheerleaders' has included our incense holders to her Friday Fast Five.  

Check it out here

GT Magazine - September 2019

Pyjama Party 

Pyjama Party - GT Magazine Feature 2019 

In the Spotlight - Tania Fernandes Photography - Dec 2019

In the Spotlight Blog by Tania Fernandes Photography

Big 4 Holiday Parks Vic - Dec 2019

Listed in the 'What's To Do and See on the Great Ocean Road'