Caring For Your Ceramics - Jade and May

Caring For Your Ceramics

Caring For Your Ceramics

Unless specified on our individual product pages, you can be assured that your beautiful, handmade ceramics purchased at Jade and May are dishwasher or oven safe - easy and simple living is the name of the game here at Jade and May. 

Our ceramics range at Jade and May, bar a few hand painted Mexican Folk Art exceptions, have been made by hand here in Australia by a family owned business - using non-toxic, food-safe clays and glazes.  All well made and high quality pieces but care must be taken to keep them in tip-top condition.  

Please avoid sudden temperature changes to avoid thermal shock and cracking.  Please don't place a hot ceramic plate directly into the fridge or onto a cold stone benchtop - wait for the dish to cool, or use a tea towel or wooden board when placing directly onto the cold surface. 

When cleaning by hand please use a soft cloth, a soft touch and a dish soap.  No bleaches or similar are necessary to clean your ceramics and may harm the surface of your beautiful products.  

Any pieces with with an unglazed surface will be water and stain resistance but not stain proof so please ensure any high staining foods or oils are minimised and the products are washed soon after use - a dishwasher in this case would be good.  

If your morning cuppa is on the run and you are using one of the very special ceramic takeaway cups from our range, think about carrying a clean tea towel to wrap your cup in so you can throw it in your bag, or grab on of the Kim Wallace Ceramics waterproof linen pouch, especially made for your reusable ceramic coffee cups. 

Ceramic pieces are usually made to hold water, but please ensure you allow the vessel to dry out frequently in between uses to avoid the porous surface to become waterlogged and allow the vessel to leak.

Any of our ceramics range that has a gold lustre finish has been kiln fired and will be food safe, but please note they ARE NOT dishwasher, ovenproof and are dangerous if you use in the microwave, so please - DO NOT microwave lustre pieces.

We hope you love your ceramics from Jade and May, as much as we do.  These pieces have been chosen by us as they are beautifully made by small business.  We love supporting the talented makers who provide incredible pieces made from the heart and we know you do, too.