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Geelong Homewares Store

Sleepwear, Homewares, Gifts & more - oh my! 

Filled with fun, colourful and vibrant homewares, sleepwear and gifts, our Jade and May retail shop has a fun and relaxed vibe that (hopefully!) makes your shopping easy. 
From our humble beginnings online with our very own (and very small!) Sleepwear range focusing on natural and sustainable fabrics, our offering quickly grew and mainly due to a *slight* obsession with anything pretty our offerings began to include a mighty fun and vibrant array of homewares, accessories & gifts. 
From Day 1 our focus has always been to work with small or family owned businesses - no sweatshops or large production lines here!  We love stocking products full of heart and soul that'll make you feel good.. and we feel good stocking.   


Where can you find our Sleepwear, Homewares and Gift Shop? 

'The Mills' is an old Woollen Mill nestled between the banks of the Barwon River and Rutland St with the leafy end of Pakington St (or as known to local residents as 'The river end of Pako') right around the corner. 
The Woollen Mill was originally established in 1922 to provide employment to returned servicemen from the Great War as a community enterprise and a small section is now still in operation.  The remainder of the building, along with others in the area now also houses some of the Geelong creatives and makers that Geelong has always been known for. 
Art Galleries, Artist Studios, Cafes, Jewellery Makers, Dress Designers, Pattern Makers, Furniture Restorers, Framers, Illustrators, Artists, The Happy Shoe Shop, Architects, Florists, Photographers, Videographers, Dance Studios, Wedding Dress Designers, Printers and more are who Jade and May are lucky enough to call our neighbours! 
Why not come and visit our new Geelong Sleepwear, Homewares & Gift Shop, wander the street and finish with a coffee or a lap of the river - just like the Geelong locals do! 
Jade and May