Why we love… Jade and May Linen Bathrobes - Jade and May

Why we love… Jade and May Linen Bathrobes

Why we love… Jade and May Linen Bathrobes

There’s been a ton of thought put into developing and fine tuning the design and production of our linen bathrobes.  Natural fibres are at the heart of Jade and May sleepwear so we’re really proud to bring these to you produced from some of the finest quality French Flax Linen. 

We know many of our customers love the experience of wearing linen for not only the look and feel, but also it’s thermo-regulating and breathable qualities, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. 

These linen bathrobes are designed to fall around knee height, however we also offer other bathrobes in the range which extend longer for those who like a bit of extra in flair or cosy-ability.

Colours are thoughtfully chosen with our range including neutrals, pastels and vibrant colours.  There’s an option to suit all complexions and wardrobes.   

Linen Bathrobe - Purple (Long Length)-Jade and May-Bathrobe-Jade and May Linen Bathrobe - Pink (Long)-Jade and May-Bathrobe-Jade and May

We’ve combined wide lapel edging and luxurious wide sleeves for a distinct yet elegant design.  The wrap around style in sizes ranging from 6-20 and is completed with a linen waist tie.  We love that the flexibility this provides our customers in fitting to all our varied and beautiful bodies.

Derived from pure linen we’d love to encourage you to think a little outside the box with these bathrobes!  Tie the belt at the back for a classic ‘wear it over’ option.  Dress up a pair of jeans and cami with this beautiful swathe of linen.  Keep the sleeve down for a hint of drama or roll them up for a more ‘down to work’ style.

Designed to stand the test of time in durability and style with so many features and benefits has these bathrobes as one of our customer’s all time favourites

Linen Bathrobe & Hydy Gift Box-Jade and May x Kerrie Knuckey Art-Gift Box-Jade and May