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How to Wash Your Linen Sleepwear & Loungwear

How to Wash Your New Linen Pajamas (And Not ruin them!)

You just bought the most beautiful linen pyjamas or linen loungewear - they're soft, they're comfortable, and they make you feel like you're in permanent holiday mode. But now that you have them, you need to know how to care for them so that they stay in pristine condition. Here's some tips on how to wash your linen sleepwear and loungewear to keep them in tip-top shape.

Step 1: Check the Label
Our Jade and May Linen is pretty easy to care for but before you do anything, it's always best to check the label.  Our linens are pre-washed and don't really require you to anything fancy.. but some brands are not, so it's best to read the label first as if the manufacturer has used a linen blend, or special type of dye your items maymay need to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. If you're not sure, err on the side of caution and check with the company direct.

Step 2: Separate Lights and Darks
Just like with your regular laundry, you'll want to separate your lights and darks when washing linen sleepwear. This will help prevent any color bleeding and keep your colours fresh and vibrant for longer. 

Step 3: Use Cold Water
Linen is a strong fabric, and can handle most water but it's always best to wash it in cold water. The cold water helps to protect the fabrics fibers - and it's better for the environment, too.  

Step 4: Hang Dry or Lay Flat to Dry
To keep your Linen sleepwear & loungewear in it's best condition, then please air dry rather than using a dryer.  The high heat will starts to give the linen a rougher feel and makes the colours fade faster - and again, it's better for the environment to air dry.  When air drying - just make sure the garment is not in direct sunlight for too long to avoid any fading.  

With a little care, your linen sleepwear will last for years to come. Just remember to check the label, separate lights and darks, use cold water, and hang dry or lay flat to dry. By following these simple instructions, you'll ensure that your linen pyjamas and loungewear will stay looking and feeling like new season after season!