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Tommy's Spicy Margarita Recipe

Tommy's Spicy Margarita Recipe

As much as we love a traditional marg, nothing beats the added punchy zing of chilli in this warming-to-the-toes recipe.  Level up your winter cocktail game with this oh-so-easy but oh-so (so!) delicious recipe.

You will need:

  • Place your choice of chilli salt combo onto a plate (or see note below).  Smear the rim of a chilled glass with lime and dip into the chilli salt.  Twist to get a realllllly good coverage on the rim and then set aside.
  • Pour 45ml Listo and 45ml of tequila into a shaker.
  • Add plenty of ice and a few slices of chilli (birds eye, habañero or jalapeño) - adjust quantity to taste.
  • SHAKE!
  • Fill the decorated glass with ice then strain in the Margarita into the glass.
  • Garnish with chilli and or lime wedges



*we recommend the Gippsland Salt Co Chilli and Lime salt.  With the added freshness of the lime and a handy rim-sized container, it makes entertaining with cocktails a cinch - all your friends will be so impressed you can even tell them you've been studying mixology in your spare time - won't tell! I promise! 



Mexican Folkart


**If we can't be enjoying the Spicy Margarita's on a beach in Mexico itself, we bring the Mexico to us. 

Check out our recycled glass range handmade in Mexico as a way to make this drink even more delicious (if that even is possible)!  Or pick up one of our super fun and colourful Mexican cookbooks with recipes to wow even the harshest of critics


Dry July? Pregnant? Alcohol Free? 

The start shaking the Listo's with ice, chilli's and some fresh sparkling water - it's almost as good as the alcoholic marg's