The one and only Tommy's Margarita Recipe - Jade and May

The one and only Tommy's Margarita Recipe

The one and only Tommy's Margarita Recipe

We think the crew at Listo have dabbled in the dark arts as there is no way it should be possible to have a make-at-home Margarita that is this easy to make and tastes this ah-mazing.  They 'say' it's because their Margarita Mix contains nothing but fresh Australian lime juice, Mexican agave nectar and purified water.  But we at Jade and May still have our suspicions.  It's just that good.  Whatever the reason, we and the lovers of Margarita's around the country, say thank you.

You'll need:


Salt the rim of the glass of your choosing with salt by rubbing a lime section around the glass rim and then dipping and twisting it through some salt.  We love using the Gippsland Salt Margarita Confetti mix.  Delicious, extra pretty on the eye and in a handy-sized container which means you can dip most glasses straight into the container (did we mention that we love it when things are super easy?)

Add 45ml Listo Margarita Mix and 45ml tequila to a shaker full of ice.

Shake vigorously whilst singing either Taylor Swift's Shake It Off or Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches and Herb.  Ok, the singing is option.

Strain into glass and top with fresh ice.

Optional garnish for the lovers of going overboard whilst entertaining of some de-hydrated lime slices.  We love those from the Cocktail Cart.  Or a slice of fresh lime.

Enjoy.  You can also make a pretty special non-alcoholic Margarita by using a non-alcoholic soda instead of the tequila.