The Block Shop Feature - Insider Style Brand Spotlight - Jade and May

The Block Shop Feature - Insider Style Brand Spotlight

The Block Shop - Insider Style

The Block Shop Feature - Insider Style 

What a buzz! Jade and May have been featured on the 'Insider Style' over at The Block Shop - nestled right there amongst all of the fabulous & interesting wares that The Block Shop have curated for not only the Block contestants but the millions of die-hard 'Blockheads' that tune into every episode of the popular reality TV Show 'The Block'. 

Read on to see what The Block Shop had to say about Jade and May

The Block Shop - Insider Style - Brand Feature

Supplier Spotlight: Jade and May


When mother-of-three Carlie O'Loughlin designed a dressing gown on a whim, she knew it was something special.

Her brand, Jade and May, is the Geelong-designed sleepwear range so beautiful it has a cult following and is growing in popularity year on year since its launch in 2019.

The Block Shop - Insider Style

A seasoned traveller, it was a trip to Vietnam that sparked the idea to create a clothing line. Carlie was having some items made for herself at a tailor, when she realised she loved the process of designing her own garments. She knew there would be a market for people just like her, those who love to lounge and feel good doing it.

Over the past three and a half years Carlie has taken the brand from a single dressing gown to a full ready-to-wear range, and a beautiful store in the coveted Rutland Street pocket in Newtown which also includes a carefully curated selection of small-batch homewares, gifts and accessories.

The Block Shop - Insiders Style - Brand feature

It is Sleepwear so beautiful customers have worn them to brunches and work and even weddings. “We keep the design really simple, so our pieces are easy to wear, regardless of where you wear them,” Carlie explains. 

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The Block Shop - Insider Style