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Affordable Art to fill your home

Affordable Art to fill your home

If the pandemic has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that it is super important what we have on our walls.  Whilst we are no longer staring at the same four walls for the long periods we were, we have certainly gleaned a deeper level of appreciation for what we surround ourself with and the space we create.  We know that our styling choices in our home help us reflect our unique style and personality.  And when done well, can bring us great joy and satisfaction.  Artwork for your walls and spaces is one of the most effective ways to create your own space and truly make it yours.  And we're happy to let you know that to do this you don't have to break the bank!  

Here are a few ideas for you to consider as the simplest of ways you can enliven and curate your home - without going over budget

High Quality Prints

Prints are an excellent affordable art option to bring artwork into your home.  Technology developments have enabled artists to have amazing reproductions produced on both paper and canvas.  The added bonus of buying prints is you can combine it with your choice of frame both in style and budget.


Emerging Artists

Often finding an emerging artist can lead you to some truly spectacular pieces in the form of either original one of a kind paintings limited edition prints.  Not only can purchasing these pieces avoid a heavy price tag, but they can come with the feel good feeling that your are genuinely supporting an individual's creative journey. Happy dances all round. And keep your eyes on them, as your affordable art purchase might not only bring you happiness but also function as an investment!


Collections of Small Artworks

If deciding and committing to a large piece of art isn't for you, a collection of smaller pieces can be pieced together to have a grand impact.  If you want to mix it up a bit, some artists produce pieces that can both hang on the wall or alternatively rest on a shelf or mantel piece which can help you add depth to your designing.


Think outside the box

Pieces of art don't have to come in the traditional paper or canvas forms.  Some of the most affordable art to start your collections with could be small quirky pieces picked up on your travels or in a local store.  A handmade piece of Mexican folk art or a combination of them is a perfect example of a way to add not only a splash of colour but also texture to your walls.   Think sculptural candles, or interesting colourful wire baskets for display on flat surfaces.  Or interesting coffee table books in all shapes and sizes or hand woven baskets for display with a practical use. There are options ga-lore so start with something you like... and keep adding


We're so pleased that there is a much wider recognition of art so there's sure to be one (or many) which capture your imagination and heart. And remember, art's value is not reflected in it's price tag, it's about how you connect with it and it makes you feel.  And importantly, have fun!