The Sweet Story of How Honeysticks Was Born - Jade and May

The Sweet Story of How Honeysticks Was Born

The Sweet Story Behind Honeysticks

From humble beginnings, Honeysticks has become a household name for all-natural, eco-friendly crayons. But, have you ever wondered what inspired the company to begin? 

The idea behind Honeysticks came to life in 2009 when a Kiwi family saw an opportunity in the market for natural crayons. When shopping for their own kids art supplies, the team behind Honeysticks noticed that most of the crayons available on shelves were made from non-renewable and potentially toxic materials. Take matters into their own hands they have created something better - a range of vibrant and fun crayons made entirely from sustainable beeswax harvested from hives in New Zealand.

From there, things snowballed quickly! Before long, Honeysticks had grown from being a tiny family business into an international brand with products stocked by major retailers around the world. To meet demand, Honeysticks opened up a factory in Auckland where the team produces every single one of their products using only natural ingredients sourced locally. They're also proud to say that that they were one of the first companies in New Zealand to be certified carbon neutral!

At Honeysticks, they believe that natural materials should form part of every child’s developmental toolkit. They strive to provide parents with safe alternatives for their children's art supplies - without compromising on quality or sustainability. And it doesn't stop at just crayons; they now offer other creative essentials like paint brushes and modelling clay alongside our original range of beeswax crayons.

Honeysticks is built on the solid foundation of creating quality products while still looking after our planet. We don’t believe that it’s necessary to sacrifice sustainability for convenience – especially when it comes to items used daily by young children! As such, we continue to work hard each day to make sure that everyone can enjoy creative experiences with peace of mind knowing their art supplies are free from nasty chemicals and toxins. That's why Honeysticks is here!