Freckleberry Chocolate - The Sweetest Treat You'll Ever Taste - Jade and May

Freckleberry Chocolate - The Sweetest Treat You'll Ever Taste

The Sweetest Treat You'll Ever Taste - Freckleberry Chocolate!

All chocoholic please take note! If you havn't already (and you call yourself a true chocoholic?) then you must try our absolute favourite Freckleberry Chocolate! It's smooth, it's delicious and handmade right here in Geelong using the finest of Belgian chocolate - and then topped with bright, colourful and delicious toppings.  

What makes Freckleberry Chocolate hit the top of our chocolate charts?  They are an Aussie Owned, Family Business in Regional Victoria making some serious dents in the sweet industry - and we are all for it! It's fun to eat & it's fun to gift - with most of their products packaged in ready-to-gift boxes or packets. 

Freckleberry start with the finest ingredients, sourced from Belcolade in Belgium whom are known as the finest chocolate brand dedicated to professional chocolatiers and bakers, alike.  Belcolade are currently investing to create the first carbon-neutral chocolate factory and not only do they see the importance of adopting sustainable and eco-friendly practices in-house but they work alongside initiatives such as Cacao-Trace to ensure their raw ingredients are all ethically sourced from sustainable farms around the world.

Once the raw ingredients arrive in Freckleberry's North Geelong Chocolate factory, each batch of their chocolate is handcrafted by their master Freckleberry chocolatiers, who put their heart and soul into every single piece of confectionary art they create. The result is a product that is both visually appealing and decadently delicious - ensuring it's a hit with all ages. 

Freckleberry is known amongst the masses for their fun take on festive chocolate's - Freckle Numbers for Birthday Treats or as cake toppers, Valentine's Hearts, Chocolate Lolly Birthday Pizzas or Cute Easter Rabbits but their standard range is just as popular for a sweet treat.  Think Turkish Delight Rocky Road, Chocolate Coffee Bean or Salted Caramel Blocks and so.much.more - all packaged with gifting in mind (for you maybe? We won't judge!). 

Ready to try some Freckleberry Chocolate? Go on, you won’t regret it!