Why wear a linen bathrobe? - Jade and May

Why wear a linen bathrobe?

Linen. Coveted by people the world over - from Ancient Egyptians to beachgoers on a hot summer eve.  

Why did we choose linen to make your bathrobes?  It's strong, durable and long-lasting - slow fashion at its finest.. but the benefits don't end there.  

Our linen bathrobes are soft to touch, easy to wear and can be worn all year round - and not just at home.  Covering you up after your shower, adding an extra layer of warmth or as an easy addition to your existing wardrobe.  Leave your linen bathrobe undone and throw it over a slip dress, a white tee and denim cut-offs or a cami and a pair of slim leg pant for a soft, modern silhouette. 

Can I wear a linen bathrobe just in summer?

Linen is a pure, natural fibre allowing you to keep you cool in summer.. and warm in winter - but without the bulk of a fleecy dressing gown.  The natural linen will absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture after your shower, bath or swim and help to keep your skin dry and fresh - just as important for skin health in the cooler months as it is in warm weather