Candle Kiosk Candles - First Burn - Jade and May

Candle Kiosk Candles - First Burn

Candle Kiosk Candles - First Burn

Candle Kiosk Candles are made from some of the finest waxes - including coconut wax, rice bran wax, haze wax and a mineral wax, so that you can enjoy your candle from start to finish. The result is a good quality candle that burns well.  The Candle Kiosk candles have a slow, calm and even burn, with a steady flame that burns the wax all the way down. Candles that burn longer, cleaner and brighter.

Initial burn time

The initial burn of your candle will play a role in the life of your candle.  The first time you burn your candle allow the wax to melt close to the edge.  Depending on the size and diameter of your candle it may take up to 6 hours of burning, so make sure you allow for enough time before you light your candle for the first time.

We do this because the size of the wax pool during the first burn determines the life of the candle. Subsequent burns won't melt the wax beyond the initial wax pool, so if it didn't melt close enough to the edge of the candle, a thick, unused mantle could develop and the candle will 'tunnel' down into itself. This is referred to as tunnelling

This initial fist burn is especially important for all candles in a pillar or sphere shape, or if purchased in a vessel but not as important for the Candle Kiosk cone shaped candles