10 Fabulous Gifts For Mother’s Day 2021 - Jade and May

10 Fabulous Gifts For Mother’s Day 2021

Considering how much our mums do for us, it’s only right that she has at least one day of the year that’s all about her. We might not be able to give her the world (it isn’t quite in the budget), but we’ve still got you covered! Here are some of our favourite Australian-made gifts for you to choose from. From the mums who love to relax, the ones who love to look chic, and the ones who love to indulge, there’s something here that she’ll love! Looking to buy for a mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt, or friend? These will work just as great.


Cliché? Maybe. Appreciated? Absolutely! Who doesn’t love to relax in comfort? Ditch the chain store PJs and buy a high-quality linen set or a soft as silk bamboo pyjama set for her to wear all weekend. Made from natural fibres, these are great for all ages, climates, and seasons. They’re modern, modest and a little fancy; perfect for weekend getaways with the girls. Hand-dyed by women and small batch made, our linen sets will last her for years to come! Shop HERE

Wheat Bags & Eye Pillows 

All that running around is sure to tire out her muscles. Replace her old, daggy wheat bag with one made with calming lavender and organic fabrics. Handmade with natural fibres by a small team of women, you can spoil her whilst also supporting females in business! All that work is sure to give her a tired mind, too. Our smaller eye pillows are a great way to ease her headaches and sores eyes or to help her relax after a long day. Shop HERE

Linen or Bamboo Satin Bathrobes

A quality bathrobe is essential! Featuring kimono-style sleeves, large front pockets (because who doesn’t love pockets!), and a wide belt, this is a cut that is both classic and contemporary. Stylish enough to throw over her PJs and if you want to make her gift even more special, our linen bathrobes can be embroidered and personalised.*


Kantha Quilts

If mum is a lover of colour, a homebody, or already has everything, she’ll love our Kantha quilts! Made using two layers of quality cotton fabric that has been hand-stitched, this reversible quilt is large enough to fit a king bed but is just as great for the couch, as a tablecloth, and a picnic rug. Clash it or match it - either way, it'll add some fun colour to any room!


Linen or Bamboo Satin Nighties

For home, for bed, for comfort – this nightie can do it all! With a flattering shape, adjustable shoulder straps, and no-fuss fabric, it’s perfect for being covered up and stylish, or when her kids and their mates are hanging around the house all weekend. They are also breastfeeding-friendly! Shop HERE


For the woman who loves making her spaces beautiful with something a bit different and unique! With a range of shapes, vintage finishes, and handcrafted patterns to choose from, there is sure to be one that will provide the personality she is looking for. Shop HERE


Some jewels for the jewel in your life? Of course! Spoil her with some vintage-inspired pieces from Ghost and Lola or some handmade Moroccan brass jewellery from Hamimi. Shop HERE