Pumice Stone Soaps

These gorgeous Pumice Stone Soaps from Sunwell Being come in 3 delicious scents -

Peppermint, Uluru Cedarwood and Lemon and Lime.

Sunwell Being products are hand made, all natural, high quality, eco-friendly and made with organic raw ingredients produced in small communities from around the world when possible.
SunWell Being’s products are designed to inspire, heal & nourish body mind and soul.
The Pumice Stones have so many amazing benefits including: 
- Keep skin youthful, smooth and healthy
- Fights natural signs of aging
-All natural & anti fungal
- Helps control acne, psoriasis and other skin issues
- Scrubs off dirt, paint and fake tan with ease
- Increases circulation so your skin glows
- Long lasting, each soap lasts around three months. 
How is the pumice stone used? 
Pumice Stone Soap can be used like normal soap in the shower or bath to exfoliate areas you wish to clean, rejuvenate and make smooth.  We recommend using it three times a week until your skin gets used to the exfoliation.