Pinch me! Jade and May was featured in Forte - Jade and May

Pinch me! Jade and May was featured in Forte

Pinch me! Jade and May was featured in Forte

It might betray my age here, but I've been flicking through the pages of Forte since their inception back in the early 90's.. my friends and I would pick up a copy where we could and pour over it at school - wishing we were old enough to go to the gigs written about on the pages but instead having to settle with the dance floor at the Blue Light Disco at the renowned 'Lyric Nightclub' in Geelong instead.

And now... Jade and May is right there, nestled amongst all the cool places, spaces and people that regional Victoria attract and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

It's a beautiful article by the lovely Talia at Forte - here's a snippet below but for the full article click through here

Geelong entrepreneur Carlie O’Loughlin has curated a beautiful space for design and gifts with Jade and May.

Bamboo pyjama sets, delicate handmade ceramics, soft linen pillowcases, beautifully illustrated books and cookbooks with drool-worthy recipes from around the world are all on the shelves at Jade and May, Newtown’s small-batch homewares, clothing, gift and accessories store that captures the essence of handmade, thoughtful and beautiful design. 

There’s a lot of love about Jade and May, a business born from a simple passion to celebrate makers from as far away as Mexico to as close to home as Belmont.

Jade and May Gift Shop and Homewares Geelong