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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the New Mum or Mum-To-Be

What they really want (and need)

There are many must-haves that new babies require. But in the excitement of the arrival of a new bub, it’s easy to overlook what their mum really wants (and needs).

She won’t be ready to leave her new bub to use that gift card for the spa, and although those little booties are super adorable, her baby can’t walk yet. We’ve compiled a comprehensive gift guide of the aesthetic, realistic and thoughtful gifts that she’ll truly appreciate. Because yes, she can have it all! And she absolutely deserves it. 

Linen or Bamboo Satin Slip Nightie

Our slip nighties are the most comfortable sleepwear for wearing to bed, for comfort at home and even out and about with bub. Bra and breastfeeding friendly, the A-line shape is flattering over the tummy area, great for both growing bellies and after birth, and the tie-up shoulder straps allow for adjustments to be made. Our linen allows her to self-regulate her temperature when sleeping and our bamboo will give her the ultimate luxury. Both fabrics are no fuss and easy to wash and wear. They’re the perfect choice for comfort and stylish sleepwear whilst she is at home all day with bub, or just as great as a dress - no-one will ever know!

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Mum sitting breastfeeding baby wearing the Jade and May Dusky Rose Bamboo Satin slip nightie

Babouche Slippers

Is she home all day with bub? Let her ditch the daggy slippers and get her a pair of these stylish Moroccan ones instead. They are easy to slip on to keep her toes warm during the midnight feeds, but equally as modern and comfortable. Choose from our soft, round toed vintage that comes in a full range of fun colours, or from our more traditional style with a pointed toe. 

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Grey patterned Moroccan babouche leather slippers worn at home with jeans on a pink rug

Linen or Bamboo Robe

Our kimono style bathrobes will keep her warm during night feeds as easily as they will regulate her temp if she has a summer bub. Featuring kimono style sleeves, large front pockets (because pockets are important!) and a wide belt, this is a cut that is both classic and contemporary. Stylish enough to throw over her PJs when she gets those unexpected visitors. Choose from linen or bamboo in 5 different colours.

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A blonde sitting on the kitchen bench wearing the Jade and May Dusky Rose Pure Linen Kimono Bathrobe drinking a coffee looking at the camera

Louvelle Hair Towels

Does mum have long hair and no time to dry it? These microfiber hair towel wraps will reduce time, protect hair from the heat of the dryer and help to reduce frizz. Just wrap, twist and secure with the button and loop. How easy! One size fits all and there is sure to be a colourful design in our range that she’ll love!

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Linen and Bamboo Pyjama Sets

Ideal for the hospital bag and just as good as casual wear for the weekend, these button up PJs are great for wearing at home all day or for lounging on a lazy weekend. They are comfortable, easy to wash and moisture wicking (great for night sweats). We recommend sizing up for new mums and mums-to-be!

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Ceramic Coffee Cups

The new mum in your life is going to need coffee… why not allow her to drink it in style? Handmade with the optional addition of a heat sleeve, this will have her coffee staying warm when she forgets where she’s put it, or when she’s busy at home. With many fun colours to choose from, this will be a truly happy cup for her daily brew.

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Kim Wallace Ceramic Leopard Print Coffee Cups on a shelf with lid

Hot Chocolate & Chai

Has mum been up all night with bub? Treat her to a decadent hot choc or chai. This is great for those needing a non-caffeinated boost during the mid afternoon slump!

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 A female holding a large decadent Grounded Pleasures hot chocolate in a ceramic mug

Cherie Em Natural Perfumes

A perk me up for the mum up all night, a time for relaxation for the mum needing a little TLC or some focus for the mum who is back to work or study and needs to switch back on - these botanical blends can do it all! All natural with no nasties and nourishing benefits, these are great for the handbag or the desk drawer. And importantly, safe to wear when pregnant and holding bub!

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Three small bottles of natural perfume in a row with the scent 'Relax Me' by Cherie Em


Relaxing, unwinding and getting a great night's sleep are all things a new mum needs. With 100% all natural ingredients that soften skin, choose from pure magnesium or aromatic blends, available in flakes for a bath soak, lotion for the body or sprays for the time poor.

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A bag of Amazing Oils Magnesium open with some of the flakes spilling out

Kakadu Plum Co Chocolate

We think this one is obvious, but the new mum in your life needs some indulgence! With multiple flavours to choose from, it’s the perfect addition to a quiet night in or gift for a chocolate lover.

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A block of Kakadu Plum Co Pepperberry and Raspberry Dark Chocolate broken into smaller pieces. Dark chocolate with beautiful red dried berries scattered over the top.