Who are The Little Potion Co?

Who Are The Little Potion Co? 

Once upon a time,

There were two sisters who grew up dreaming of fairies, magical lands and mythical creatures. One day they grew up and lost their way, and all the magical creatures disappeared from their lives. As they grew older and had their own children they remembered the joy of childhood, of making mud pies and floral elixirs, fairy gardens and magical potions. They remembered how it felt to be a child, the frustrations and the emotions and the pure joy that magic brought with it through difficult times. They decided to try to bring the magic back, to themselves and to their children. So they worked away, way into the night while their children slept in their beds. They mixed ingredients and colours and scents. They wrote recipes and spells, rhymes and magical affirmations. They tested and re-wrote and tested some more. They wanted the spells to have meaning and purpose. They researched calming strategies for kids, mindfulness, visualisation, intention setting and affirmations, play based learning and nature play. They consulted experts and friends… …. Until one day, their potion kits were ready. Potion Kits full of magic, positivity, affirmations and fun. We hope you love them as much as we do. 

Jacinta and Alicia, two hard working sisters from Melbourne are two of the most joyful and positive women you could meet.  The Little Potion Co boss ladies and so very passionate about the business they have created, and spend their days creating potions in their warehouse in Melbourne's West with their team of 'Potion Fairies'... who I can only assume are pretty fabulous, too! 

The Little Potion Co Magic Potions that are made with love and with thought.  Created for your little one to play with, get messy with but also to give them a little nudge of confidence in the very thing that they need.    

Packaged beautifully and magical in every way, we LOVE stocking The Little Potion Co range at Jade and May as much as we know you will love gifting to your little one's

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