Relaxation Remedies

We here at Jade and May love sleep! 
Getting enough good quality sleep is vital for your health, but in this busy, modern world unfortunately sleeping problems are common.


Sleep plays an important part in a healthy mind, body, heart, weight, immune system and emotions but it also improves your performance, concentration, mood, looks, safety, productivity and your sense of well being.  


If you have a serious sleep issue,  please book yourself into see your GP but if you just need a little help relaxing or drifting off there are so many natural ways that you can look at to assist. 

Whether it's trying small (free!) meditation bites from a meditation app like Smiling Minds, Calm, Headspace, or the Mindfulness App, these simple yoga poses for sleep from the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga or trying any of the other tips from the experts at Australasian Sleep Association.  


In addition to those free resources, we here at Jade and May have sourced some beautiful Relaxation Remedies.  We only stock high quality, natural products with no added nasties, so you can feel confident that you are doing yourself a favour!  

Go on.. give them a try!