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Top 5 Tips for a better nights sleep

Top 5 Tips for a better nights sleep

We are all far too familiar with the far ranging and devastating effects that lack of sleep can have on our day to day lives.  Apart from the obvious feeling tired and sleepy, there's the increase in difficulty in remembering things, a decrease in productivity, hormones being thrown well and truly out of whack and we have it from a reliable source that it can lead to one to behave in a less than ideal manner, often to our nearest and dearest as the cranky levels hit the roof.

So here's a gentle reminder of 5 of the top ways to invest in a good nights sleep to which will set you up to function and enjoy your life to the best.

This is a big one.  Going to bed at the same time every night, and setting your alarm for the same time every morning.  If you can stick to it, before you know it, you'll have your body programmed to sleep and wake when you want it to!  Things like keeping lighting dim of an evening and a cool temperature in the bedroom can assist with this.  As can following the rest of the tips in this list!

A comfy and supportive mattress and pillow is essential.  The type of support you need will be largely dependent on your sleeping style i.e. side sleeper or back.  And we whole heartedly agree with ensuring your bedding is comfortable, soft to the touch and breathable.  Nothing quite like laying your head on a linen pillowcase as it surely doesn't hurt to be pretty as well right?

Lay off the Tech
We know it is all too easy these days to quickly check some work emails or try and catch up on the never ending torrent that is the school admin.  Make sure these don't creep in to the sacred hour before you plan to sleep.  Apart from the blue light messing with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, it's important to wind down before bed and reading about upcoming book week costume requirements will not assist in that! 

An important part of establishing a healthy sleep routine is relaxing before sleep.    As there is so many different ways to do this it's going to look different for everyone so you'll need to find the right ones for you. It might encompass some gentle stretching or yoga, reading a book or having warm bath or shower.  Perhaps writing in a gratitude journal, mindfulness colouring, meditation or listening to music. Any of which could include the queen of relaxing essential oil, lavender.

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol
We know this isn't the most popular of tips but it really is a super important one.  Limiting your intake of caffeine and stopping it by at least 2pm can have a massive impact on improving sleep.  These days there are a whole host of delicious and caffeine free beverages for you to enjoy as an alternative or you can always opt for a decaf.  Being mindful of not consuming alcohol excessive alcohol or alcohol in the couple of hours before you want to sleep will also help.  **Please note we are not condoning day drinking to replace this, unless of course it is somewhere fabulous and we are invited.

This combination of self care actions will go a long way to encourage the best nights sleep possible.   And there is no doubt that consistently enjoying a rejuvenating nights sleep will have far reaching benefits.  Your health, skin, work colleagues and family will thank you (and us for reminding you of how to get there)

Sweet dreams!