Bamboo Pyjamas - Why we have so much to love for these versatile pieces - Jade and May

Bamboo Pyjamas - Why we have so much to love for these versatile pieces

Bamboo Pyjamas - Why we have so much to love for these versatile pieces

Luxurious and versatile are not words used to describe too many items of clothing these days, but they certainly sum up our range of Bamboo PJs and Bathrobes

Bamboo lovers have been swearing by the practical qualities of bamboo being it's softer to the touch and more breathable than cotton.  We've all heard of bamboo's amazing moisture-wicking ability to leave the wearer feeling fresh and dry, but we want it equally recognised for its insulating properties. Its cross-sectional fibres can additionally keep the heat in on colder days making it a thermoregulating wonder and so so good in a wide range of weather.  Additionally, we've got you covered (or not so covered depending on your preference) with a variety of styles to meet anyone's need

Bamboo Cami and Shorts

Light and breezy. Bamboo pyjamas or cute day wear. You decide.   Adjustable straps on these camis and drawstring waist and super cute scalloped side seam detail will have you lounging in style or effortlessly throwing the cami over a denim skirt for a splash of glam for dinner/drinks at the pub.   Not quite enough cover for lounging on the couch? Throw a bamboo robe over the top of this set - it's a winning combo.  We like to mix up the colours but if you like it matchy-matchy, we can sort that out for you, too. 

Bamboo Cami and Pants

Think the above options with the bonus of lounging in the style before bed or in fact ditching the daggy trackies and replacing them with a pair of these cosy Bamboo pants.  Don't forget to add a bamboo robe to this set - trust us on this one!

Bamboo Crop with either shorts or pants

However much we love our shorts and our pants here, the bamboo crop top is really the star of these sets.  We're not talking a mid-riff showing ensemble, but a consciously designed, finish just below the top of the waistband fit. Its boxy fit and 3/4 sleeves, it flatters all body shapes.  With its satin weave, our bamboo looks and feels luxuriously soft whilst draping over the body beautifully. You can use this top to add a bit of glam over jeans or pair it with your fave pair of pants for a more sophisticated look

Bamboo Pyjama - the Classic

With full-length sleeves, a button-down front and elastic-waisted tie pants will become the pair of Bamboo Pyjamas you will never want to live without ever again.  The softness, the thermoregulating properties and a look of style fit for an episode of Dynasty (diamond earrings and full make-up for bed optional in our book).  And yes again, being pure bamboo material feel free to head out to dinner in this softer than silk shirt.  With the added benefit that , unlike silk, you can rest assured that no silkworms were harmed in the making of this material.

Bamboo Robe
This soft and flowing beauty is a clothing-shaped hug.  This classic style robe is complimentary to all body shapes as it wraps around you with a V-neck crossover,  kimono-style sleeves and front pockets.  It combines beautifully with any of our other sets, but we here are especially fans of the Bamboo nightie/Bamboo Robe combo, either in matching colours or mixing it up and having fun with contrasting colours.  Try one of these Bamboo Robes with a white top and jeans for a cute combo that's as comfy as it is easy

Bamboo Nightie

Again woven from an organic bamboo pulp into our loved satin-like finish, these bamboo nighties with adjustable straps will see you right whether it be sumptuous bedroom attire, layered up over long sleeves and tights for winter through to a throw-on dress for the beach.  The flattering A-line style which finishes about mid-calf will be your easy go-to for girls weekends (speaking from experience here) seeing you right through the day from brunch to evening cocktails.

We don't think clothing gets much more versatile than our range of Bamboo.  Think sleepwear, loungewear, evening wear, we've got you covered!