1st Birthday Gifts - a special celebration - Jade and May

1st Birthday Gifts - a special celebration

1st Birthday Gifts - a Special Celebration

As any parent will tell you, the coming of a child first birthday is a momentous occasion. You've made it a whole trip around the sun with your little one.  Trust us, it's a huge event.   There will have been more amazing firsts and possibly as many trials than you could have imagined. Nothing can compare to the first year with your child.  

If you're the parent who has made it to a year, we congratulate and salute you. For the adoring village of friends and family who want to use this opportunity to mark this meaningful passage of time, we've put together some suggestions for some memorable 1st Birthday gifts for this special celebration. 

Quality Natural Fibre Blanket, throw or pillowcase.

As their little characters become more and more evident, help inspire them and create a colourful and fun space in their bedroom using quality natural fibres which breathe and are oh so kind on little ones skin.  Who knows, perhaps this is the key to getting them to keep a tidy room in the future??


Books, Books, Books

We've yet to meet a little one who doesn't like books. 

Eco Baby's book Where are you Koala is a plastic free touch and feel book set in the Australian Forest meeting many of our special wildlife. Not only will your little one love having this read to them, but we're sure they'll love independently exploring this stunning board book.

Or for a local flavour we have a beautiful selection of books from our very own Surfcoast Author Renee Treml.  We can assure you that these will become a hard and fast bedtime favourite.  And trust us, as the parent, they will be forever grateful these books are so lovely when they are high on the repeat playlist.


Re-play Recycled cups, plates and cutlery

Pick your little ones favourite colour or make a fun combo from the vibrant selection all crafted from the food safe recycled milk containers.  The spill free cups and fun divided plates encourage independence. And we know from experience kids love to have their own special cups and plates (especially when there are older siblings).  And the importance of snacks over the next couple of years can not be underestimated.  The colourful stackable snack containers thread together to provide a leakproof seal, which can be used for dip or yoghurt.  As well as being a load of colourful fun, this pressie ticks the practical box, being BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe.  


A toy

But not just any toy, we'd recommend one of the heart warming characters hand crocheted from extra soft cotton yarn by a company who's mission is 'Making children feel special betters their world'.  These toys are suitable for all ages play, nursery decor and importantly bedtime friendly.  We've seen the reaction these toys get in store, so know this would be a firm favourite



For the kids who have it all, think art.  A fun and affordable print with a supercute saying or perhaps an artwork that will be kept and treasured.  Both Aussie made options guaranteed to add some creativity and joy to their space