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An Ode to Mayde Tea

An Ode to Mayde Tea

Ah, Mayde Tea. You quench our thirst and soothe our soul. With your carefully curated selection of plant-based ingredients, you deliver deliciousness in every sip with your range of hand-crafted naturopathic teas

But what is it that truly makes Mayde Tea so special?

The Origins of Mayde Tea
Mayde Tea was founded out of a deep passion for health and wellness. After discovering the therapeutic properties of tea, Naturopath Kate Dalton decided to take her love for plant-based healing and natural living to the next level. By blending ethically sourced, 100% organic ingredients, this tea-lover created a unique line of teas that are not only tasty, good for you but with their 100% recycled packaging - their footprint is light. 

The Power of Plants
At the heart of every cup of Mayde Tea is a carefully curated selection of plants from all over the world. From lemongrass and lavender from India to hibiscus flowers from West Africa, each ingredient brings its own healing benefits to the mix. This combination creates an incredibly flavorful yet low-calorie beverage that packs a powerful punch when it comes to wellness and hydration. Plus, all ingredients are ethically sourced and sustainably produced so you can feel good about drinking it!

Unique Blends
The beauty of Mayde Tea lies in its uniqueness. Each blend has its own distinct flavour profile with hints of herbs, spices, fruits and even chocolate! The flavours range from sweet (think spicy, sticky, sweet Chai) to the freshness of peppermint in the Digest Tea so you’ll never get bored with your cup o’ tea! Best yet, each blend offers something different for those looking for more than just flavour—each blend contains specific herbs known for their wellness benefits such as calming sluggishness or even aiding nursing.

Mayde Tea is truly an inspiring brand that offers a range of naturopathic blended teas that both taste and health benefits in one delicious (recyclable!) package. If you’re looking for a way to add some variety to your daily hydration routine while still getting all the goodness out of plants—then look no further than Mayde Tea! With its unique blends and ethically sourced ingredients, this beverage will have you feeling refreshed on the inside and outside. So go ahead—grab yourself a cup today and be sure to thank us later! Cheers!