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White Linen – Why the Cult Following?

White Linen – Why the Cult Following?

What is it about white linen that induces such a cult following? Is it the crisp clean look it gives? The feeling of luxury it exudes?  Or is it simply because it's just so comfortable? 

There's something about the colour white that just oozes class and sophistication. It's the colour of choice for weddings, debutantes, and high society soirees for a reason. It conveys an air of elegance and refinement that other colours simply can't match. And while it may require a bit more care to keep clean, the effort is well worth it when you pop you white linen PJs or loungewear on at the end of a long day. 

Linen itself is a luxurious fabric. It's made from flax plants and was once only affordable by the very wealthy. Nowadays, it's much more accessible but still retains an air of exclusivity.. and quality. It's also incredibly comfortable, which has helped contribute to its cult following.  The fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect choice for warm weather clothing whilst the natural fibres will work with your body temperatures and help keep you warm when the warmth of the summer sun disappears over the horizon. 

In sum, there are many reasons why fresh white linen has such as strong cult following. From its luxurious feel to its fresh, easy style - we can see why you all love lounging in our white linen PJ and loungewear sets - all year round!