Cherie Em Botanicals

Cherie Em are manufacturers of beautiful, artisan, botanical bath & body products, gentle face products and botanical, all natural perfumes.  Their products are a story that is inspired by centuries old French perfumery & apothecary techniques and the myriad of natural sources that nature has to offer. 
Cherie Em manufactures in the beautiful town of McLaren Vale, South Australia.
 All batches are lovingly and carefully hand made in small batches using only organic, natural and fair trade ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced and are cruelty free.
Cherie Em is a world class manufacturer of bath and body products and perfumes using only 100% botanical ingredients and minimum 90% certified organic ingredients where possible.  They aim to inspire with the creative use of nature’s beautiful raw materials.
The amazing products of Cherie Em contain no synthetic ingredients or fragrances, no colorants, no animal ingredients and no phtlates, sulfates or parabens. They DO contain 100% botanical raw materials and essences only, leaving them easy to wear and use by all users of Cherie Em products.