Linen Kimono Bathrobe

Here at Jade and May we LOVE linen all year round so we have introduced a  medium weight 100% Pure Linen Kimono Dressing Gown that is beautiful, luxurious and elegant.   The colours and cuts we have chosen are classic and complementary for all ages and skin tones and sizes range from XS to XL. 

Our linen is the highest quality linen we could source and it will naturally become softer with each wash and wear.  Our garments are made extremely well by a small, yet highly experienced team allowing you to love this kimono for many, many years to come - slow fashion at its best. 

Knee length, full kimono style sleeves, large pockets and a generous cross over - the kimono can be worn undone for a soft flowing feel or tied up tight for a structured feel.  

Sustainability and being kind to the earth is important to us here at Jade and May - and although we are far from perfect, we do attempt to choose fabrics and processes that leave the least impact on our environment as possible.  

For this reason, Linen features heavily in our ranges as the flax plant that linen is made from requires less water to grow than other natural fibres, there is very little waste from the Flax plant, less pesticides are required during the growing process and best of all it is a highly durable so you will wear it for many years to come! 

Then when the kimono is finished with, remove any labels and cut the kimono into small pieces and throw it into your compost! It will break down naturally in a matter or weeks without releasing any chemicals!  

Easy to care for: machine wash and then hang on a hanger to dry.  Linen naturally will wrinkle but these wrinkles are all part of the fabrics charm - no need to iron!