Oh the places you'll go... in your linen bathrobe - Jade and May

Oh the places you'll go... in your linen bathrobe

Oh the places you'll go... in your linen bathrobe

Quality material, elegant designs and a range of flattering colours, mean our bathrobes have long been one of our customers favourite pieces from the Jade and May Collection. 

Those who own one (or a few) of these robes either in the original around the knee length or the new luxurious longer length, also truly understand and are loving the additional versatility that these robes offer. 

Whether you’re a traditional robe over the PJs/Loungewear wearer or enjoy the flair of donning the robe in a Kimono-esque style over a pair of jeans or shorts, we’re confident there’s a robe to suit everyone. 














Enjoy the eye-catching feature of the luxurious wide  lapel edging, wear the wide sleeve down for a dramatic style or fold them back for a more casual get down to business look.  Tie the waistband in a bow at the back and you’ve got yourself a classy cardigan style cover up.


We’re also not here to judge if you want to keep your bathrobes for strictly inside your own home sanctuary use.  We understand that putting on the bathrobe can be an important step in one’s selfcare regime as it can signify it’s time to relax and unwind.  And we are certainly here for that!

Sizing ranges from 8-20 and are produced from natural and Eco-friendly breathable fabrics that we love. Choose from pure European Linen or super soft Bamboo Satin and stay comfortable with both materials famous for assisting one’s body in thermoregulation – keeping cool when it’s hot and warm in the cooler periods.

We think these robes are too good to stay home and can’t encourage people enough to have fun with theirs!  Start thinking outside the box and see where the robe takes you!