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Everyone needs one of these pretty Arches Blue Wheatbags to use when a little achy or sore, and this fun print seems to be a hit with the men and the women alike. 

Use your wheatbags to help soothe and warm sore muscles and aching joints or even just keep your toes warm on a cold night. 

In addition to the pretty patterns and the gorgeous scent to choose from we love this wheatbag as it is longer than the standard wheatbag making it more comfortable to use AND its dyed here in Geelong and then handmade by a clever team just up the road in Melbourne.  Purchase this wheatbag and you will be supporting multiple small Aussie businesses.  
Use for: sore shoulders, tummies, lower backs, feet, tight necks, period cramps, and more.  
Made in Australia from all natural cotton, wheat and your choice of lavender or clove (or unscented) and then finished in a beautiful gift box - making it the perfect gift.