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Pixie Mops Woodblock

by Lost and Found Art Co

This Pixie Mops grows wild in the southern part of Western Australian and produces the prettiest pink flowers between August and December but now you can enjoy these beautiful blooms all year round with these Woodblocks by Christy from Lost and Found Art Co.  
Using a combination of hand drawn and printed illustrations mixed with bright fabrics, mixed media & resin to finish these woodblocks these gorgeous woodblocks will easily brighten up a wall or sideboard.  Hang these blocks on the wall or stand them in pride of place or amongst your other treasures.  
Original Australian designs, made in Australia by a West Australian Artist.  
12 x 9 x 3cm
* Suitable for indoor use only, created using UV & HAL stabilised resin for efficient long term ageing & yellowing protection.  Do not immerse in water