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Linen Spray with Lavender and Eucalyptus from Lazybones Australia

This linen spray is incredibly fresh and delicious and we LOVE using it daily.  
This spray is designed to add a subtle fresh, floral fragrance to bedding and clothing but it really can be used anywhere in your home, office or car.
Ideal to use while ironing on your clothes and bedding, or if ironing is not your thing, then its gorgeous to spray into your wardrobe,  directly onto your bedding, couch, dog bed, kids stinky shoes or just as a refreshing room spray - especially after cooking or for a quick freshen up before guests arrive. 
This beautifully made spray is made by hand in the Lazybones Australia studio in Northern NSW combining the relaxing and calming Lavender with the fresh and antiseptic properties of the Eucalyptus essential oil.