Linen Kimono Bathrobe - Charcoal | Jade and May

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Linen Kimono Bathrobe in Charcoal

This luxe Charcoal Linen Kimono Bath Robe is super special to put on after a warm bath or shower and to relax on the couch before bed.. or even to pop on over your PJs whilst you are making the school lunches. 
The fabric is superior quality and the cut of this gown is classic and complementary to all body shapes and ages. 
Flowing kimono style sleeves, knee length, V neck cross over and finished off with large front pockets and a wide belt made from the same material. 

Linen is luxurious, elegant and beautiful to wear yet also strong, absorbent and very hardy allowing you to wear this Jade and May Kimono for many, many years to come.