Exquisite Marshmallows 140gm | Grounded Pleasures -Hot Chocolate- Jade and May

Exquisite Marshmallows 140gm | Grounded Pleasures

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Grounded Pleasures Exquisite Marshmallows


Hot chocolates and marshmallows.  Name a better match. 

These sweet, velvety and luscious marshmallows are the perfect texture to melt into  your decadent cup of hot chocolate. 

These marshmallows are proudly made in Ballarat, regional Victoria, Australia. Gluten free, preservative free and dairy free with natural colours and flavours - the perfect way to top your cup of chocolate.

Each box contains two flavours, vanilla bean and raspberry - which one's your favourite? 

Devour them on their own, add them to your hot chocolate or toast them over the campfire... 

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