Enamel Dinner Plate

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Mind Pop Enamel Ware Dinner Plate

Add a pop of colour to your table with these fun and unique, handpainted, enamel dinner plates. 

Perfect to add colour to your BBQs, picnics, or just a relaxed dinner in.  

The patterns and forms used in this series have never been tried in hand-made enamelware before. Each one of the items are made using dipping and brush spattering techniques to bring the lively colors on to your table. 
Please remember, each of these plates are hand painted so no two are alike and you may find perfect imperfections in each one.

Diameter: 25cm
- Strong
- Healthy: Only natural raw materials, non-toxic paints, and 100% recyclable
- Dishwasher Safe
- Freezer friendly
- Oven safe
- Induction Cooktop safe
- Small batch made by local artisans
Safety: not suitable for microwave use and do not touch when hot!