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Citrus and Arabica Coffee Body Scrub

The Scrubba Body Citrus Coffee Body Scrub smells like a beautiful blend of fruits, and contains a blend of fruit peel powders with lime, orange & bergamot essential oils. These ingredients are known to soothe acne prone skin and reduce oil production, so this body scrub is perfect for anyone with oily skin.

Plus, the ingredients found in all of our coffee scrubs, such as; ground Arabica coffee, pink Himilayan salt & coconut oil; will not only buff away and exfoliate dead skin but also moisturise to leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Each pouch of our coffee body scrub contains 250g of amazingness. Depending on how liberally you use the scrub, you will get between 6 to 10 uses from a pouch.

Please note: this scrub contains sweet almond oil so anyone with nut allergies or intolerance's please be aware