Bright Pink Floral Kantha Quilt -Blankets and Throws- Jade and May

Bright Pink Floral Kantha Quilt

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Bright Pink Floral Kantha Quilt

Bright, fun and an easy way to add some colour to your home.  
These beautiful kantha quilts are created in India, using a traditional hand stitching technique by the same name, giving your bed linens a textured finish.  
Large enough to fit a king bed, or to hang generously over a queen bed - over an existing doona for an extra layer of warmth or just with a top sheet in the summer months. 
Fold them over flat, and use them to to add colour, texture and warmth at the end of your bed or on the couch.... or throw it over a large dining table for a table cloth or even take it outside and use it as a super fun picnic rug!
Size 240cm x 270 fitting a queen or a king bed. 

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