Berry Myrtle Tea | Kakadu Plum Co -Native Bush Tea- Jade and May

Berry Myrtle Tea | Kakadu Plum Co

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Berry Myrtle Tea | Kakadu Plum Co

'to help with an upset tummy'

This mix includes some of Australia's most beautiful and exquisite ingredients, blended and packaged for you to enjoy after a meal or anytime during the day. 
Lemon myrtle provides a tangy base that pairs nicely with the deep, back-of-the-throat heat of Australian mountain pepper. Throw in a little aniseed, cinnamon, and rosella (which is basically Australian hibiscus) and you've got a crisp, zesty herbal tea that is great to help with digestion. 

All ingredients in this tea are native plants sourced from businesses run by indigenous Australians. 
Ingredients: Lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper leaf and berry, rosella.