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Organic Australian Lemon Myrtle Room Spray | Cherie Em

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Organic Australian Lemon Myrtle Natural Room Spray by Cherie Em

Cherie Em's Australian Lemon Myrtle, Natural Room Spray not only smells incredible but it has been formulated to help remove unpleasant odours from a stale room, a bathroom, a hotel room, your car or even as a light perfume. 
Australian Lemon Myrtle is refreshing and calming to the mind so this spray will leave you calm yet uplifted.  
This Room Spray comes in a reusable glass bottle and conveniently comes in a 25m or 50ml bottle. 
All of Cherie Em Botanicals Room Sprays are handmade in South Australia using premium quality, organic ingredients that are only found in nature - safe enough to use anywhere or around anyone! 
No nasties!