Pure French Linen Napery | Long Lunch Linen

    Create some casual elegance with high quality pure French linen napery

    “Form follows function” but we also think that it doesn’t hurt to be pretty too!
    Add a layer of charm to your next special occasion or casual luncheon with Long Lunch Linens one-of-a-kind, hand painted, pre-washed French flax linen tablecloths and napkins in a variety of food inspired shades.
    These tablecloths are full-sized, intended for large outdoor settings and dining tables, which means no nasty joins or trying to pair two mis-matched tablecloths.
    long lunch linen specialises in high quality products that’s why their napery is 100% pure French flax 165gsm linen, with 5cm hems and mitred corners for a perfect finish. Linen affords a wonderfully relaxed aesthetic and the pre-washed tablecloths and napkins are supremely soft. The different coloured tablecloths and napkins are made to mix and match, which means you can tailor your table down to the very last setting.
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