Floral 100% Cotton Kimonos | Jade and May

Jade and May offer a range of beautiful quality 100% cotton kimono dressing gowns and these kimonos seems to be a hit with younger and older customers alike. 

This kimono is made from 100% cotton, a natural fibre that allows the wearer to stay cool and fresh.  Soft to touch, dries quickly, easy to wear and even easier care for - it has our vote!  

The cotton kimono gowns are elegantly finished with 3/4 length sleeves, a V Neck wraparound, wide hemlines, large front feature pockets and sit around knee length. 

The cotton is a thick cotton so the dressing gown has quite a structured feel, making it a flattering and comfortable fit.   This style of kimono is usually best worn with the belt done up, even if only loosely tied, rather than left open. 

The cotton kimono comes with a silk belt in a matching or contrasting colour, and a matching reusable drawstring bag - making it the perfect gift for a special friend or family member... or even just for you! 

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