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The Triffed Tonic Co | Hot Toddy

The Triffed Tonic Co | Hot Toddy

If you've spent any time in the UK you'll probably be aware the Brits are firm believers in the medicinal powers of their beverages.  There's not much a cup of hot sweet tea won't remedy and my Mother in Law swears by the healing powers of a Hot Toddy to stem a burgeoning cold. 

Whilst our qualifications fall far short on the medical front at Jade and May, we are certainly well-versed in delicious drinks.  So if you need a prescription/recipe for a warming and super tasty cocktail which is just perfect for these cool evenings, then please, follow the orders below.



  • Combine in a pot and heat gently on a stove
  • Serve Warm
  • Enjoy! 

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